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 an on-line tool designed to keep the small but keen Canterbury Snooker community fully informed and up to date with what is going on in the Snooker scene in Christchurch and the greater Canterbury region

The forum is a major feature which can be accessed and added to by any Registered Member of the website

Ideally this forum will pave the way for discussion on issues as they may arise which, with the forum being visible to all members is an option I would expect to be beneficial to the CBSA and therefore the members

Another valuable feature of the forum will be the ability to network on-line in regards to travelling away to events and reducing costs through being able to get in touch with each other easily.

Post a 'wanted' or 'available' or 'looking to share' posting in regards to travel and accommodation
Or just ADD A COMMENT or bring up a topic for discussion, advertise an event or simply say hello

You may like to create a CAREER PROFILE or read other MEMBER PROFILES

You can also view the CALENDAR for the year or see the results for the SEASONS PAST and PRESENT

Also incorporated is a CONTACTS page where you can SUSCRIBE to the CBSA e-Mailing list for information as it happens via e-Mail including INTERCLUB RESULTS and POINTS and a variety of information such as MINUTES of monthly CBSA meetings and upcoming events
You can also view items  FOR SALE

Take a look at a selection of VIDEOS relating to Snooker including Ronnie O'Sullivan and John Higgins


J Gower