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Canovan cruises to Assn Championship Win

17/05/10 04:36:35

Picture: Mark Canovan holds the trophy again

Mark Canovan has again displayed his superiority in the Canterbury region by winning the Canterbury Assn title for the umpteenth time.

Canovan did lose a match in section play to fast improving Elima Peneli but mainly due to poor play by Canovan in the main in regards to letting big breaks go by, a problem which was to plaque him for the whole event.
Canovan looked to have centuries at his mercy on a number of occasions but developed a weakness in the 50s and 60s where he would miss the simplest of blacks off the spot.

However despite this Canovan was unchallenged crushing Gary Gillard 4-1 in the Final.

Gillard was shaken by a poor start and from there just missed too many shots and let chances slip to challenge Mark who just had to keep scoring points when the opportunity arose to be an easy winner.

In the semis Gillard beat Kelly Pritchard 3-0 including the event high break of 80 (10 Blacks).

In semi 2 Canovan destructed Les Winter 3-0 as expected.

The flight was won by Elima Peneli 2-0 over Bill Earle.

Dylan Engebretsen beat George Robertson to win the Plate