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Inaugural Thursday Night Woolly Classic REVIEW and result

15/04/11 12:02:58


Event one was unfortunately of a smaller than hoped scale for opening night, but in reality this ensured all combatants played solid matchplay snooker for nearly 2 and a half hours start to finish for the finalists.
The format was the new International rules 6 Red best of 3 snooker then a colours only KO round for the 4 qualifiers, with one missing out from initial section play.


Peter de Groot
Barry Ede
Dylan Engebretsen
John Gower
Lawrence Seinafo

Section play got under way and after the dust settled Lawrence Seinafo was eliminated with a single win out of 4 games played.
Gower had 1 win only also, but got through on better frame differential.
He went on to play Engebretsen in the first semi-final who had 4 wins with no losses in spite of losing a frame to de Groot for not being around when he should have been.
Barry Ede and de Groot both registered two wins to ensure a semi final clash for the two experienced and at times high ranked NZ tournament players.
At this point the format changed to accommodate the time factor and one frame of colours only snooker took place.
Table 1 and Gower took a yellow after an early foul from Engebretsen to have a little pressure on. Gower lead all the way and potted a nice long straight pink to take the win.
Peter de Groot took control against Barry Ede to also win on the pink.
The final got underway and saw Gower pot the first 3 colours and secure a foul to lead 13-0 with the two highest colour balls on different rails in difficult position for de Groot.
In the battle for the blue de Groot disturbed the black whilst potting it in the all important safety or pot on the pink.
de Groot managed to make the acute angled cut and screwback on the pink for the 11-13 deficit, so well in fact that he left a very difficult to judge cut back into the middle pocket going away towards baulk.
To his credit he made the pot to take the win, or one thought, until all eyes went to the white ball and its ever decreasing proximity to the middle pocket the black had just been potted in seconds before.
The ball tracked and tracked and finally reached its destination with a very fine miss of the near jaw to go down and hand the win to John Gower.

Congrats to John Gower

Can he do the treble and win the WOOlst0n qualifying leg of the 2o11 Canty Handicap Sn00ker
Tune in next week for the result