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Richmond 1 Framer Sept result

26/09/10 08:49:12

Picture: Richmond Club

A Field of 8 contested the event with Kelly Pritchard coming through to win the final against John Gower.

All players qualified for knockout with Pritchard, Gower, Elima Peneli and Murray Campbell progressing to the semis.

First round loser were Phil Doig, who lost to John Gower on the black, Les Salter, Les Mitchell and Chris Taylor.

Semi 1 Pritchard easily accounted for Peneli with the frame conceded with all the colours still on the table.

Semi 2 and Gower was able to hold off Murray Campbell thanks to a 35 break early in the frame.

The final was a little topsy turvy with Pritchard in control for most of it until the last remaining red.
Pritchard had a 28 lead before leaving Gower a very fine cut from distance into the middle.
Gower nailed it and the white went up through baulk and back into the RH black corner and back up the table to leave Gower a good angle but a tough black re distance.
Gower slotted it and came back up the table past the blue spot to land nicely on the yellow with the blue the only colour off its spot.
Unfortunately for Gower the white had rolled just a little bit too far to leave the yellow more acute than he would have liked for the easy baulk colour clear-up and he stacked the yellow.
Pritchard potted it but missed the green leaving Gower still only needing the brown up.
Gower got the brown and then a battle ensued for the blue.
Pritchard got the best of it and potted the blue and pink in succession to win the title, leaving Gower to rue the missed yellow and potential clearance.


Pritchard 32, 48
Phil Doig 36
John Gower 35