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November Richmond 1 Framer result

18/10/10 03:15:33


A field of 11 contested the latest event.

After section play the top four were

Brent Jones
Arris Tan
Les Winter
Kelly Pritchard

Apart from Tan all the players involved in the semis had won the event before.

Semi 1 saw Tan vs Pritchard and with an early 30 break took control of the frame.
Pritchard was able to hang in until he had the chance to win if he got the last 3 colours. Tan however got the blue to take it.

Semi 2 saw Jones vs Winter with Jones taking early control as well. winter had one good opportunity to score a break and did so to remain in contention. However Jones proved too classy and took the cahnces as they came to win the semi.

The Final saw Tan vs Jones with Jones starting shaky and leaving Tan an early chance. Tan took a 16 then a 14. Safety play ensued for a period until Jones left the white in the middle of the table for an easy red and blue and other reds on. Tan obliged and scored a 30+ break to make the frame safe and take the win.

The event high break was 55 from Brent Jones.


Jones 55
Pritchard 41


Brent Jones
Kelly Pritchard
Phil Doig
Peri Lilli
John Gower
Les Winter
Arris Tan
Les Mitchell
Deane Waretini
Chris Taylor
Bill Andrews