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Woolston Club Championship result

24/09/10 10:11:04

Picture: Woolston Snooker Rooms

A strong field of 6 contested the Woolston Club Champs.

Peter de Groot
Barry Ede
Dylan Engebretsen
Craig Ford
John Gower
Murray Campbell

Section play was play everyone once with the top 4 going to the semi finals.

After the smoke had cleared Barry Ede and Craig Ford had 3 wins each and went through as top two seeds.
The other four players each had two wins apiece and after who beat who Engebretsen and Campbell were eliminated.
Gower placed 3rd due to his win over de Groot in section play.

Semi 1 vs 4
Barry Ede abd de Groot squared off with de Groot managing to get a handy lead early and retain it for the rest of the frame to go through to the final.

Semi 2 vs 3
Craig Ford and John Gower went head to head and after tit for tat safety and the odd red John was left an opportunity by Ford. Gower potted the easish red and held for the blue. The blue was potted and the black knocked out of the pack where it was tied up.
Some very tidy potting by Gower resulted in a 37 break with the brown jawed to end the break with another red handy.
Ford couldnt recover and Gower got most of the colours to take the match.

FINAL Best of 3

The first frame was quite tight with de Groot taking a small lead before leaving Gower an opportunity where he scored some points to stay close although should have got more.
The frame got to the colours and Gower potted most of them to need a snooker with only pink and black left.
de Groot managed to foul to leave Gower a chance of stealing the frame which he was unable to capitalise on after de Groot won the ensuing safety battle.
Frame 2 followed a similar vein with de Groot presenting another excellent opportunity for Gower who was only able to score 14 with a very realistic 50 on the table.
de Groot this time capitalised to knock in a 40 to take the frame, the match and the high break,

Peter de Groot 2010 Woolston Club Champion