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2010 Champion of Champions found

10/10/10 03:19:29


A very high quality field of 3 have fought for the Champions of Champions Snooker title held at Woolston Club today.
The contenders were
Dave Witehira of Richmond
Gary Gillard of Papanui
Peter de Groot of Wooolston

Dave Witehira beat Gary Gillard 2-1 to take the title for 2010.
Witehira overcame Gillard after Gillard had taken frame one with a 48 break.
Having said that Witehira had 43 on the table being 40 behind but broke down on the green after getting a black, pink and yellow.
In frame 2 Gillard looked to be cruising before trying to come back up the table instead of taking the red on the rail and left himself a difficultish red near the pink which he duly stacked for Witehira.
Witehira made a high 30 break and controlled the frame from there to make it 1-1.
In frame 3 Gillard played poorly to hand Witehira a 40 point lead.
At 40-3 down Gillard then showed why he is NZ #1 with a 40 break up to the brown.
Gillard had a very gettable brown cutting back into the corner but stacked it for Witehira who cleared Blue, Brown and Pink to take the title.

Congrats to Dave Witehira of Richmond