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Swain Wins 2011 Canterbury Open

14/08/11 09:00:13


Shannon Swain of Southland has obliterated Kelly Pritchard of Christchurch 3-0 to win the 2011 Canterbury Snooker Open held at Cuthberts Green this weekend.
Swain breezed through the KO stages untroubled in accounting for John Gower, Dave Witehira and Pritchardeven though he would admit he wasnt in his best form this weekend.
The only blip for Swain came in section play where John Gower was able to beat him 2-1 before drawing him again in post section first round.
The format was kill or be killed with only 2 qualifiers in sections of 5 and one section of four so an early loss put pressure on immediately. Notables to fail to qualify included Peter de Groot and Gary Calderbank.
The high break was a 72 from Mark Canovan.


Mark Canovan 3 - 2 Rob Redgrove
Kelly Pritchard 3 - 1 Sam Bond
Dave Witehira 3 - 1 Paul Lewis
Shannon Swain 3 - 0 John Gower


Canovan 1 - 3 Pritchard
Witehira 1 - 3 Swain


Pritchard 0 - 3 Swain

High Break Mark Canovan 72

Plate Final

Peter de Groot 2 - 0 Greg Sands