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Maltby NZ Champion

11/07/09 12:03:53

Picture: Chris Maltby

Day 6 FINAL: 2nd session (Maximum of 8 frames)
A very tight 14th frame was won by McBreen 57 - 19 to tie the match up at 7 all. It was now down to a single frame shootout. Maltby opened with a 53 break and it looked all over for McBreen. He slowly dragged himself back into the match and needed the last red, a Black and the colours to force a respot. A good red left him with a chance but when the Black jawed to leave him needing snookers he graciously conceeded the frame and match 8 - 7. The 15 frame final would have to have been one of the best seen in this country for some time. While not a potting spectacle, it was a classic snooker match with all the drama, tension etc that you would expect from 2 very good players. CONGRATULATIONS to CHRIS MALTBY, 2009 CUESPORTS FOUNDATION NZ SNOOKER CHAMPION. (7:20pm)
Maltby put himself within one frame of the title when a 30 break was enough to secure the 12th frame 53 - 17. An early 28 break was replied to by McBreen with a 30 and McBreen slowly forged ahead to win the frame 76 - 35 and keep his title chances alive at 6 - 7 but he has it all to do. (4:10pm)
Frame 10 was all McBreen as he put together the high break of the final so far, a 72 to take the frame 76 - 0 and close to 6 - 4. McBreen opend the scoring in the 11th with a 25 only to miss a Black and let Maltby in. He responded with a 42 before running out of position. Some safety play ensured before McBreen got another chance and with a break of 26 held a narrow lead. A good snooker on the Yellow by McBreen resulted in a foul & miss call. Mc Breen had the cue ball replaced and Maltby missed again. Maltby missed the 3rd attempt but with snookers then required McBreen elected to play. A good Yellow was followed by the Grenn, Brown & Blue and the frame was his. It was now 6 - 5 to Maltby and the tension was mounting. (3:30pm)
The 8th frame started with a round of safety play, neither player wanting to be the first to have a go. McBreen eventually got the start and put together a 47 before running out of position. Maltby kept plugging away and with a 21 was closing the gap on McBreen. It was cat & mouse for a while with Maltby getting over the line first at 56 - 47 to go to a 5 - 3 lead. The 9th was all Maltby and a 58 break to McBreen's contribution of 20 resulted in a 79 - 39 win and a frame score of 6 - 3. (3:00pm)

Day 6 FINAL: 1st session (7 frames)
The last frame of the session was understanably the longest with both players desperate for the win. McBreen established a buffer and with 3 reds left held a 49 point lead. Both players were involved in foul & miss calls when not snookered resulting in the Refereeing issuing the mandatory warnings. McBreen reponded slightly better than Maltby with the pressure and with the lead at 61 - 31 and only the Green up left on the table it was looking like Maltby would go into the break with only a 1 frame advantage. McBreen potted the Green, Maltby potted the Brown and tried for snookers and when McBreen slotted a long Blue the frame was all over at 69 - 35. Play resumes at 2:00pm. (1:55pm)
Maltby opened the 5th with a 55, McBreen replied with 28 before a costly miss allowed Maltby back in. He took full advantage and with a score of 73 - 34 had a 4 - 1 advantage. McBreen established an early lead in the 6th, gradually extending it to take the frame 57 - 19. The match is now delicately poised at 4 - 2 to Maltby and McBreen would dearly love to go to the break only 1 frame down. (12:00pm)
It was a relieved McBreen who took the 3rd frame 66 - 14 to get on the scoreboard. the 4th frame was rather scrappy with both players having chances. Maltby looked on track for a 41 clearance only to miss a relatively straighforward Blue to the centre. McBreen stepped up and slotted the Blue into the bottom Yellow pocket but was unable to put the Pink away, leaving Maltby a 1/2 ball pot into a top pocket for the frame 53 - 42 and a 3 - 1 lead. (11:00am)
A good crowd has gathered to watch the opening session of the 2009 Cuesports Foundation NZ Snooker final in the Hamilton Cosmopolitan Club. It was Chris Maltby (Waikato) who drew first blood and a 68 break secured the first frame 84 - 12. It was Maltby again in the 2nd with a scoreline of 83 - 22 to take an early 2 frame advantage. (10:25am).